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GRC offers a broad spectrum of training and services to government, militairy, law enforcement and commercial customers across the globe. Tactical shooting, VIP protection courses, weapon drills, maritime security, force protection and even militairy free fall courses. Our instructors, training staff and consultants are skilled professionals with extensive backgrounds. They have decades of experience serving with elite militairy and law enforcement specialist units to deliver hands-on, performance-oriented, individual and collective training for any development or security requirement.
  • Pre-deployment training hostile enviroment
  • Extended medical (hostile environment) training.
  • Hostile environment and security awareness training
  • Anti kidnap and response training
  • Extended security driver training
  • Off road extended training
  • VIP Protection Training
  • CPO Training
  • Tactical Pistol Training
  • Taget awareness training
  • Dynamic shooting/rifle training
  • Marksman/Sniper training
  • Urban Operations Training
  • Contractors on deployed operations training

International High Risks Operational Security Services

A large number of corporations, organisations and governments already have a security partner. However, for specific circumstances, it is possible that these partners cannot meet expert security requirements. In these cases, Global Risks consultants can be deployd across the globe to offer solutions to complex security issues for both short-term and long-term operations. They offer custom and ready-to-use strategies and tactics to gain control of nearly every situation.

We can offer the following:
  • Worlwide militairy, government and commercial support programms
  • Worldwide Air charters (private jets and cargo charters)
  • Worldwide boots on the ground within 48 hrs
  • Global deployment of (armed) security teams with or without armoured transportation, specialised in very high risk areas or circumstances
  • Maritime security in high risks environments
  • High value transports security. GRC is able to deploy different kinds of aircrafts (jets or cargo) to transport high value goods by air
  • Worldwide extraction of individuals
  • Support during kidnapping and ransom negotiations. We offer professional hostage negotiators with extensive experience including support by GRC tactical teams
  • Immediate deployment of crisis and risk managers for complex international/political issues
  • Providing air marshalls on behalf of various commercial airlines

Our partners

Global K9

Global K9 specializes in supplying and training high level quality surveillance and detection K9’s for immediate mobilization for governmental agencies, public and private entities worldwide.
Rainier Arms and Defence

Rainier Arms and Defense is the one-stop shop for Governments, NGO’s and private organizations regarding the provision of high end strategic services, tactical innovations, solutions and goods.
European Security Academy

Designed for student’s convenience and optimal training sessions, one stop shop.